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I will represent all constituents to move our communities forward.

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The 58-year-old California Correctional Center in Susanville was closed on June 30, 2023 affecting 1,000 jobs.  This should be a wake up call to the remaining conservative voting districts in California.  While some believe the closure happened because Republican voters in AD1 spearheaded Governor Newsom's recall, the CCC closure in a broader way, is a result of the substantial decline of the Republican Party state-wide and the dire consequence this has had on state governance.

The California Correctional Center in Susanville was 3closed on June 30, 202,

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Republican and businessman Gary Michaels for Assembly

We have to fight to take back our state.  We have to summon the political will to do so.  Together we can change it to get what we desire: Bring choice to parents, freedom to businesses and taxpayers and invest in water and infrastructure projects.  Stop the politicization of the environmental movement. Protect religious rights and constitutional rights. Make the California Dream attainable again. I have a plan and I request your financial support.


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As your Assemblyman:

The high cost of living is affecting families in Assembly District 1 disproportionately.  California politics is making it difficult for farmers.  The rural parts of California often don't see a lot of  policies  put forth in their favor largely because of the lack of pluralism in Sacramento.   Only 18 of the 80 Assembly members are Republicans and in the State Senate, only 8 of the 40 senators are Republicans, and a Republican has not been elected to the Executive branch in 17 years.  The  most pressing public policy matter in Sacramento is getting more conservatives and moderates elected to state government.  This will bring  accountability,  civility, protection and  investment to AD1.  I believe I am the right candidate who has the energy and talents to play an important role in returning political competition, fiscal discipline to this District and efficiency to state government.  

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs! I will work to cut taxes and regulations and promote commerce through government spending and make it easier for a business to thrive and hire.  Businesses should be investing and consumers spending.  Existing jobs should get higher wages.
  • Expand skill development & apprenticeship with vocational training . Apprenticeships place students into great jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees. 
  •  There have been no major water investments since the 1960 California Water Project.  Without water investments, water becomes scarce. I will seek incentives to upgrade water irrigation technology.  I will work with local county jurisdictions to get more approved Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) plans approved.
  • I will take a stand against inappropriate curricula targeting children in our schools.  I say remove the porn books and radical sex ed programs like Teen Talk.  I believe in a curriculum that includes the Constitution and American History.
  • Support all law enforcement personnel to help keep our state safe and prosperous. Public safety is an obvious challenge, but with the left consumed by the justice movement,  the Democratic herd in Sacramento tramples over the ability of the police to do their job.

  • Support for the American family -- their values , traditional norms and common sense.


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